Vineyard "The Watertower of Hoorn"

wijngaard After being on the same location for 220 years (Kleine Noord 47) down-town Hoorn, Schermer Wine buyer & Distiller moved into the new housing in September 1997. Many suppliers asked what kind of present Schermer would like to receive for celebrating the new housing at the Geldelozeweg. Paul and Joke Blom did not have to think long about the answer; since Paul could see a dream come true in the garden around the building, where once the old water tower of Hoorn was situated. Therefore all foreign suppliers were asked to offer some vines of the strongest and most common grapes, growing on their vineyard.


vijver bij de wijngaardThus the idea of Europe’s most northern vineyard with grafted vitis vinefera arose. There are no hybrid grapes in this vineyard. The purpose of the vineyard is not for production, but purely for educational purposes. Although Blom already has 40 years of knowledge in the trade, he is still learning from the vineyard: mildew, decay, soil conditions, weather influence and trimming. The vineyard is open during the National Vineyard Day, were many visitors come to see this unique project. Furthermore the vineyard is often visited by groups preceding a wine tasting.



de druivenThe vineyard is named after the original place where the water tower of Hoorn used to be, which was demolished in 1970. The fundaments of the water tower a now the fundaments of the pond. De chalky ground and rubble is a good poor soil for the vineyard. The French name of the vineyard is: Chateau d’Eau Cap Hoorn.


Presently 82 vines are planted of a wide diversity and 100% ecological:

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Chieti Italia
Negro amaro Puglia/Lecche Italia
Aglianico del Vulture Basilicata Italia
Blaufränkisch Friuli Italia
Barbera Piemonte Italia
Dolcetto Piemonte Italia
Plavina Dalmatia Croatia
Teran Istra Croatia
Monastrell (Mourvedre) Yecla Spain
Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Teramo Italia
Chasselas Mosel Germany
Welshriesling Slavonia Croatia
Malvazija Istra Croatia
Riesling Mosel Germany
Chardonnay Friuli Italia
Picolit Friuli Italia
Sauvignon Friuli Italia
Tocai Friuli Italia
Friulana Friuli Italia
Ribolla Gialla Friuli Italia
Pinot Grigio Friuli Italia