pandThe history

B. Schermer & Zoon is known since July 24, 1782 as distiller and liqueur maker. The grandfather of Barend’s wife (Jan Bent) started to trade in 1730 in ‘distilled waters and spirits’; as done on the same location in Hoorn for 215 years. Since 1997 the authentic housing has been changed for another monumental building just outside the centre of Hoorn, at the Geldelozeweg 47.

Schermer is one of the oldest independent distilleries of Holland. With centuries-old traditional recipes, all products in the distillery are being traditionally produced. The present stills are already in use as of the beginning of 1800. The cauldrons and pitchers in which the herbal-bags hang to extract the bitters, are at least of the same age. But of course the production materials are up-to-date and meet all HACCP standards.

After 8 generations of Schermer, Paul and Joke Blom took over the company in 1982, where Paul was employed since 1965. They chose to maintain the original recipes and the old-established name Schermer, which holds a great reputation regional, national and international. The present name of the company is Schermer Wine buyer & Distiller (Schermer Wijnkoper – Distillateur).

Schermer combines the traditional assortment with modern products; herewith distinguishing itself in Holland. With many wine suppliers a thorough relation exists for already many decades.